25 years: Manager Paul Kavanagh’s thoughts

Continuing our 25 years celebration, we hear from Atlantic 252’s first PD Paul Kavanagh, who progressed to Managing Director of the Trim-based station.

Paul is now Managing Director of Riviera Radio in Monaco and looks back at the radio scene in 1989.

“I remember all the hard work that went into the applications for Ireland’s first set of commercial radio stations. All the typing and all the printing. Those early word processors and typewriters were not as good as today.

In Kavanagh Media, I have been lucky to have consulted and worked with many of the great people radio has attracted in Ireland. I think there are very exciting times ahead if we keep encouraging and developing our talent.

I remember Capital radio Dublin, Century radio and Atlantic 252, all great radio brands but they did not make the 25 year journey.

While Atlantic 252 was not licensed by the IRTC it started about the same time. I remember at one of my first meetings, I was told that the station would close each evening at 7pm and all the listeners would then tune into the Great 208 Radio Luxembourg because we were owned by the same company. The station would build audience all day and when it reached its peak, turn off the transmitter. We eventually persuaded the powers that 24 hours a day was needed.

While print media has continued to decline, radio listening for the last 25 years in most of the world has stayed strong and in many places increasing. I am glad to still be part of the industry.

Photo: Paul with Jenson Button

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  1. Robbie Robinson says

    Paul was an early Sunshine Radio recruit who progressed to become the stations program chief. He has that special gift. Later “Kavo” moved on to demonstrate his talent throughout UK Radio with EMAP.
    Greetings. R

  2. Martin The Smoggy says

    Two things wrong with Atlantic 252 were the horrible interference at night. It really was unlistenable. Radio Luxembourg also suffer from a poor signal but at least it returned to a listenable quality fairly quickly. 252 Longwave was completely unlistenable when the interference started.
    Also Atlantic 252 was just too repetitive.
    Really it was a bad idea to start with as by 1989 Pop music radio in the UK was on FM and therefore didn’t suffer the chronic distortion that Atlantic 252 did. Radio Luxembourg switched to satellite only not that long after Atlantic 252 started.
    The station should have offered something different instead of the same as could be heard on UK FM pop radio.
    Probably the best use for 252 kHz Longwave is what it is being used for today.

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