The Pizzaman delivers the RadioToday Q&A

You may remember him as The Pizzaman from Atlantic 252. He’s also been known under many other on-air names, but these days he goes under the name of Nick Jordan.

Nick does weekend work at Sun FM in England now, but spent three years on 252 in the 90s, a couple of years as Mojo on Power 92 in British Colombia, and at various moments over the last two decades he worked at Galaxy, TFM and Wyvern. He doesn’t mind admitting he’s a bit of a radio geek.

How would you describe your first radio gig?
Nervous but full of Magic and awe that I was on the Radio…for real!

What led you to a career in radio?
I’ve always loved listening to AM Radio as a Kid, DX’ing I suppose!

How would you describe the radio landscape in your market?
Changing…a lot, Real is about to become Heart and we have Capital here too as well as Smooth. The only true Local Station is Sun FM as BBC Newcastle are Tyneside Based and Metro Radio is now just a Regional Split with TFM. BBC Tees is outside of Sun’s TSA…of course we have all the nationals too!

Are you wearing more “hats” than you have in the past?
Kind of…I tech Op for OB’s as well as Present and can do Traffic.

What’s the coolest promotion you’ve EVER been involved with?
Atlantic 252’s Jeeps For Keeps was cool!

What artist would we be surprised to find on your iPod?
The Penguin Café Orchestra

What’s one thing that would surprise many people to learn about you?
I’m a very quiet person, I do Hypnotherapy and I am a Licensed Ham

Who is your favorite air personality not on your staff and why do you like them?
Nick Abbot is a great presenter. He’s on LBC in the UK.

Who would be a “dream guest” to have on your show?
Jack Nicholson

What is it about our industry that keeps you wanting to do it for a living?
It’s in my blood, been doing it for almost 25 years!

What is the one truth that has held constant throughout your career?
Be normal…have fun but keep yourself rooted to the ground

What advice you would give people new to the business?
Figure out if you REALLY want to do it, the money isn’t that great anymore unless you are on Breakfast in a Medium to large Market, and even then a Manager at McDonald’s will get more…having said that it’s a magical job

What’s the best sweeper/liner you’ve ever heard?

And finally tell us a radio secret that no-one else knows…
I have the Moves like Jagger…or these days the Moobs Like Jabba!

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