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Opinion: Radio audiences are diminishing

In our latest opinion piece, Martin Block, Media Consultant, writes about how younger people are listening to the radio less than 10 years ago.

Revealing Q&A with Nova CEO Kevin Branigan

Our Q&As continue with Radio Nova's Boss Kevin Branigan, talking about Chris Cary, Nova going national, the lack of enthusiasm for DAB and who he admires most in the radio industry.

Questions and answers with Paul Kavanagh

Paul Kavanagh took Emap Radio to another level and whilst his life is now based in Monaco at Riviera Radio "The Media Fixer". Will Paul come back and recreate the buzz of Sunshine 101 or Atlantic 252 in Ireland anytime soon?

Interview: Radio maverick Robbie Robinson

Robbie Robinson aka Robbie Dale is a radio maverick and intelligent businessman, he put his money where his mouth is and he respectfully followed his dreams.

Opinion: Radio reboots its youth numbers

Station managers and broadcasters know that in an age of continuous distraction, content overload and an endless stream of music on tap, one of the biggest challenges facing radio is keeping it relevant to younger audiences and maintaining…