New audio advertising effectiveness study launched for radio

Radiocentre Ireland has introduced a new research study that is designed, in partnership with research company Colourtext to evaluate the effectiveness of Irish audio advertising.

It can also provide Irish advertisers and agencies with deeper insights into how their audio campaigns are performing.

CampaignFX has been designed specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized advertising markets and builds upon nearly 20 years of operational and development experience with Radiogauge and the related Big Audio Datamine project (owned by Radiocentre in the UK).

The core mission of CampaignFX is to address the competitive imbalance between audio advertising and digital ad platforms by providing brands with more comprehensive data on the effectiveness of their audio advertising investments. Brands in many smaller national and sub-regional media markets receive little or no data on radio campaign effectiveness, which puts commercial audio channels at a disadvantage relative to digital ad platforms that offer brands vast amounts of ad response data.

The role of CampaignFX is to provide evidence of audio’s short and long-term impact on brand growth at a cost that is sustainable over the long term. It achieves this by using a new category-based research methodology developed and trialled within the Irish market for Radiocentre Ireland. This innovative approach measures the performance of audio advertising within the natural context of all the other marketing activities undertaken by a brand and those of its main competitors. This gives the test data a crucial extra measure of authenticity and real-world credibility.

The CampaignFX database represents the biggest combined analysis of audio advertising effectiveness ever undertaken in Ireland. It comprises data on the top 31 brands within Ireland across 5 key advertiser categories, specifically Personal Banking, TV Streaming, Fast Food, General Insurance and Health Insurance. This has been achieved by developing a new category-led approach to high quality audio effectiveness research that is financially sustainable over the long term in small and mid-sized media markets.

The CampaignFX data demonstrates how audio advertising creates future demand for advertisers by generating a 26% uplift in ad awareness, which makes consumers more familiar with a brand. Radio advertising also improves Brand Likeability by a factor of almost 9, and boosts brand trust by 72%, thanks to radio’s unique ability to build intimate relationships with listeners.

CampaignFX also sheds light on radio’s ability to convert existing market demand. The data shows that audio advertising generates a 33% uplift in Brand Consideration, effectively moving consumers from awareness to purchase. We also found that audio advertising leads to a 45% uplift in online brand search, thereby prompting listeners to seek more information online. This in turn is related to a 55% uplift in brand purchase intent for brands advertising on the radio.

The analysis of the CampaignFX database also found that creative standout is 12% higher for brands using audio. This suggests that radio often serves as a foundational platform for building and reinforcing a brand’s distinctive audio identity, which in turn elevates a brand’s visibility and distinctiveness across all other media channels.

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