Five podcasts for gaming you should listen to in 2022

Nowadays, we have ample options when it comes to curing your boredom.

Some might even take the time to educate themselves, and what better way to do so if not by listening to a podcast? The variety in subjects is endless and one can surely find a podcast that is interesting. With a pair of earbuds and a smartphone, you can listen to any podcast that you like, anywhere you are.

While there are many podcasts to choose from, it should come as no surprise that the majority of podcasts cover themes of special interest to technology loving listeners. This category will also include Gamers. Nowadays there are a plethora of gaming podcasts available, however, not all are worth your time, therefore I've compiled a list of the five gaming podcasts that one can surely learn from and even be entertained while doing so.

Three Moves Ahead

Three Moves Ahead, which is founded by the famous game writer Troy Goodfellow, is the only weekly podcast that concentrates on strategy games. The show frequently discusses board games and console games in addition to PC games. Nowadays Rob Zacny, the new host, has done an excellent job of keeping the show running. Unlike many podcasts, Three Moves Ahead does not have a ringleader. The visitors are given time to speak, and vigorous discussions frequently ensue, with no one individual dominating the discussion.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

Now it’s time for probably one of the most famous Gambling podcasts online at the moment. With 70 minutes for each episode, one can be sure to receive some good knowledge and even a few tips and tricks on how to succeed on the Casino Floor.Such a production was made possible by a group of Casino Players, Employees and even a group of authors who took their time and put all of this together. Cousin Vito's also has an uncommon feature in that the listener can participate in the dialogue.

As seen on, nowadays there are many tips and tricks online on how to get better in Casinos Games, and such a podcast allows you to even listen to them on the go. Such an amazing idea!

Weekend Confirmed

If you’re a Gamer interested in the latest and best titles, Weekend Confirmed is the Podcast for you. Such a production quality surpasses that of the top radio shows on any online radio station, and while the podcast might be a little lengthy at times, it summarises most of the significant gaming events from the previous week. It also mentions major releases, major disputes, and anticipation for forthcoming games. Not a podcast to miss!

A Life Well Wasted

In this interesting podcast, each episode focuses on a different theme and frequently touches on multiple sub-topics linked to the main issue. Unlike other podcasts, it includes multiple interviews with a wide range of people, including teachers, store owners, and even gaming bloggers. This means that this podcast is one of the only gaming podcasts that actually interview the people involved in the issue.

Drunken Gamers Radio

The title itself should give you enough information about this podcast. This is a gaming love and hate fest which is purely fueled by alcohol. Needless to say, It’s not ideal to listen to this podcast if children are nearby. The game podcast does not appear to have a regular schedule or subjects. This is not the gaming podcast to listen to if you want to gain objective information on new games, but it is fantastic for amusement.

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