100 Ways to be a Better Radio Presenter by Nails Mahoney

Radio coach Nails Mahoney has shared 100 tips on how to be a better radio presenter in 2022.

Not everyone will agree with all of them, and some you might want to ignore, but if you are a radio presenter you’re sure to find some useful advice on how to be a better one.

Tips include taking Twitter off your phone, eating a banana before going on-air, helping people, and breaking the rules every now and then.

You’ll find the list and further discussion on Facebook, and we’ve copied them below.

1. Master Word Economy.
2. Compliment other presenters (even ones you don’t know personally).
3. Don’t try to be funny on air all the time.
4. Don’t backstab.
5. Ask the sales people if they want coffee.
6. Use your LInkedIn account.
7. Take twitter off your phone.
8. Listen to a smaller, community radio station.
9. Learn a non-radio skill.
10. Wear your comfy shoes in studio…or no shoes at all.
11. If you present a music show, listen to talk radio and vv.
12. Don’t multi-task…your brain doesn’t like multi-tasking.
13. Take breaks when prepping.
14. Don’t over-prep. It’s not a contest.
15. Be generous on air…allow your co-host the last word sometimes.
16. Breathe well….in through the nose and out through the mouth.
17. Cut down on the coffee. Two cups a day in the morning is more than enough.
18. Try Manuka Honey. Your voice and throat will thank you.
19. Be a leader. Show a great example to your colleagues.
20. Your CEO is not the enemy. Say ‘Hello’.
21. Be an ‘anorak’ sometimes.
22. Read news outside your immediate comfort zone.
23. Turn all devices off once a day for 10 minutes and listen to the power of silence.
24. Ask people for new music suggestions.
25. On Social Media – ‘Post & Go’. Avoid the ‘scroll’.
26. Carry ‘Fisherman’s Friend’ or some other strong mints with you.
27. On air…turn your phone off.
28. If you’re bored, ask yourself ‘why’?
29. Develop one new opinion on any subject.
30. Read an actual paperback novel. Especially before you go to sleep.
31. Burn incense in your home. It will calm you down after a tough day.
32. Take a bottle of water with you.
33. Figure out one thing you love about your job and keep it to yourself.
34. Remember past glories but don’t depend on them for future victories.
35. Show up early.
36. Eat a banana 15 minutes before going on air.
37. Disinfect the studio and your hands before, during and after your show.
38. Know the names of the cleaner, security guard in your building.
39. Exercise once a day – 5 minutes of stretching.
40. Need inspiration? Go for a walk without your phone.
41. If you can afford it, buy a really good FM/DAB radio for your home.
42. Listen to classical music in the morning. It will lift your mood.
43. Make sure the studio lights are just the way you like them for your shift.
44. Keep your demo updated – take note of the ‘good links’ when they happen.
45. Apply for out of market jobs – even if you don’t want to move.
46. Be the class act at work.
47. If someone tells you a secret, keep it to yourself.
48. Answer the studio phone and record everything…you never know what a listener might say.
49. Don’t over-explain/over-sell.
50. Say it Once and Say it Well.
51. If someone asks “What do you do?”, proudly say “I’m a Radio Presenter”.
52. Next time you buy a sandwich, really thank the person for making it.
53. Make your own sandwiches!
54. Ask if you can put a plant in the studio.
55. Don’t read your links. ‘Speak’ to your listener.
56. It’s OK to have a bad day on air…you’re not a robot.
57. Not everyone will like what you do. Accept that.
58. Don’t read industry gossip forums. You may see something you don’t like.
59. Carry a notebook and a nice pen.
60. Leave voice notes to people instead of written messages.
61. Watch some trashy TV – it’s good for the soul.
62. If you can afford to, buy some really great earbuds for personal use.
63. Build a home studio in your closet.
64. Keep a journal and add to it whenever you feel the urge.
65. Buy a grown-up colouring book. They’re great for unwinding and thinking.
66. Create a simple website and update it once a month.
67. Reconnect with an old boss.
68. Unsubscribe from emails you never open.
69. Help people less experienced than you.
70. Show up for meetings. You will learn at least one thing.
71. Ask for regular airchecks.
72. If there’s a problem, address it as soon as you can and don’t let it fester.
73. Be nice to the production person and don’t waste their time if they’re busy.
74. Make a voice demo for commercial work. VO’s can be a nice sideline.
75. Buy a decent mic for your home studio set up. You’ll love how you sound.
76. Buy a glossy magazine and flip through it slowly.
77. Record your entire show and listen to it in ‘real time’.
78. Don’t live in work…leave the building and live your life.
79. Notice when you screw up. It’s how you learn.
80. Keep on top of your Crutches and Cliches. They build up very quickly!
81. Have lunch outside.
82. Admit when you’re wrong. Don’t blame others.
83. On an outside broadcast? Your engineer is your best friend.
84. When someone says you have an “easy job” – don’t be offended. They just wish they could do what you do.
85. Talk to the ‘Street Team’ members. Listen and learn from them.
86. Bring your own mug to work.
87. Don’t walk into a studio without checking the red light first.
88. Never hang around the on air studio after. Someone is working in there and needs to concentrate.
89. Edit your calls well.
90. Break the rules every now and then. Break them well!
91. Go to an industry conference.
92. Try public speaking. It’s a fantastic extra skill.
93. Take breaks. Your brain works best with small, regular rests.
94. Listen to old radio shows. They’re the reason we’re here today.
95. Declutter your workspace.
96. Be ambitious but patient.
97. Watch and learn from people who are doing what you want to do.
98. Ask questions if you don’t understand.
99.. Be extra polite to people who are rude or condescending to you.
100. Be the very best you can be when you are able. All other times, just relax

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