David Harvey disappears from 4FM daytime

Classic Hits 4FM’s daytime talk show The David Harvey Show has been removed from the schedule of the multi-city station.

2fdbaa801a9f0383434cb59b3aed438bA tweet from the station confirmed the schedule had changed adding an extra hour to the end of Robbie Fogarty’s show and bringing forward the start time of Gareth O’Callaghan’s afternoon show.

Programme Director Andy Matthews told RadioNation: “As the most recent JNLR figures testify, Classic Hits 4FM is growing its audience in the most competitive market places in Ireland.

“Part of the reason for this upward trend is our ability to listen to our audience and adapt and change our schedules on a regular basis.

“Constantly reviewing and sometimes replacing programmes is vital to our continued success.”

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  1. Nigel Ryan says

    Weird. reminds me of when Eamon Keane left Newstalk and his name never came up again on that station. No explanation or respect for listeners that have been loyal to a show.

    1. And yo says

      completely agree. Keane was brilliant on Newstalk and in his little stints on 4fm

  2. D Thomas says

    This statement is a load of rubbish David was controversial and spoke for the nation the government know things are about to boil over and are afraid of national unrest

  3. Ray Dixon says

    I’m pleased that I am not the only one to find it strange that The David Harvey Show suddenly disappeared. I received a bland e-mail from 4FM that only deepened the mystery. Has David Harvey been gagged for being controversial ? I think perhaps yes, if so it is very worrying for Ireland and freedom to express views the government does not like.

  4. David Leek says

    I agree with Ray Dixons’ excellent comments. If this is the reason for Davids ‘disappearance’ it just highlights the fear of this deaf, dumb and blind despot government who will not listen, talk about or see the concerns that these austerity measures are having on the good people of this precious country. 4fm are constantly reminding listeners about becoming Irelands fastest growing radio station, well, this is one listener who no longer will be counted as one of the statistics because of the gutless way that David Harvey has been treated….if you read this David, good luck in the future and we hope you find a ‘ballsy’ outlet for your obvious talents. You are solely missed by me and a undoubtedly very wide audience and admirers near and far. Thank you.

  5. patrick griffin says

    i want david back …………………..what the hell is this nazi government doing and 4fm wankers

  6. patrick griffin says

    bring back david now

  7. And yo says

    I liked the show greatly. It was a fantastic alternative to Joe or Moncrief. Radio stations that play music all day have no future. Pretty soon the typical music radio listener will have music streaming services to suit their preferences. At that point the only radio listeners will be talk show enthusiasts. Wrong decision…

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