JNLR live reaction and results for Q2 2016

As the stations tweet their results and boast about their latest results, we bring you all the info in one place.

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  1. Rachel says

    how are the jnlr results calculated . every station is claiming they have gained new listeners yet young people don,t listen to radio and the older listeners are being ignored. l don,t listen to rte radio since they retired the wonderful Alf Mc,carthy from Late Date and move the same few presenters around like it,s musical chairs.It might even be funny except that I,m paying my tv licence and get nothing for it.

    1. NiallOK says

      Where do you get the idea that ‘young people don’t listen to radio’?

      1. Rachel says

        N iall From the same place that the JNLR figures were calcuted. Fresh air.

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