Marty Miller has a baby live on air at NOVA

Well, not an actual baby, but with his on-air and real-life wife Dee expecting, the team decided Marty should simulate the ‘experience’ for himself.

The pretend birth was broadcast live on the breakfast show on Radio NOVA, and streamed on Facebook LIVE. At the time of writing it has had 50,000 views, a thousand reactions and hundreds of shares and comments.

A bed was set up in the studio for him to simulate labour, contractions and the actual giving birth process.

See the video below:

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  1. Jacob Lang says

    Things must be really bad in Radio Nova if they have to resort to absolute cringe radio. Awful stuff. A definite turn off. You wouldn’t never think for even a minute they are a Classic Rock station.

  2. Kevin says

    I agree with the above.

    Interesting distinction this morning where Newstalk were discussing getting their children to sleep and the various difficulties they encounter and varying time frames involved which really interested me as a parent. Compare this with Nova where ‘rock god’ Marty Miller was banging on about his daughter again, even backed up with an audio recording. Really painful, the term ‘cringe radio’ works here again . .

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