Irish Radioplayer wins Outstanding Achievement Award

The Irish Radioplayer has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at this year’s PPI Radio Awards.

The Outstanding Achievement Award is presented to those who have made an exceptional contribution to radio during the course of the past year.

The Irish Radioplayer is the result of a partnership between the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTÉ Radio and its launch marked a significant development in Irish radio when for the first time all Irish radio stations were available on one single mobile platform.

The aim of the Irish Radioplayer was to make radio consumption easier for audiences, bring Irish radio into the digital space, open up new platforms for broadcasters and new ways of listening for audiences.

Michael Hill, Managing Director of UK Radioplayer said “I was particularly excited to talk to the Irish radio industry because the team in Ireland had a very clear vision for how the Radioplayer should work in Ireland. I loved working on the Irish Radioplayer because in Ireland you love your radio and that’s what Radioplayer is about – keeping people close to the medium that they love. Congratulations to the whole Irish Radioplayer team on winning the Outstanding Achievement Award”.

John Purcell, Chairman of the IBI said “Scott Williams and JP Coakley first suggested a radio industry Radioplayer 5 years ago. From the start we were acutely aware of the many challenges facing the radio industry in launching a joint Radioplayer but the Irish Radioplayer is proof of what can be achieved when we, as broadcasters, put aside our competitive differences and focus on new technologies and what is in the best interest of the audience. I would like to congratulate Scott & JP on their PPI Outstanding Achievement Award. Without their commitment, unwavering dedication and never ending enthusiasm for this project the Irish Radioplayer would still be a good idea, stuck at concept stage and not the app that used by nearly 1 million users each month”

The PPI Radio Awards took place in the Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny on Friday October 7th and are the highlight of the radio industry calendar. See all the winners here.

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  1. Jason Collins on Facebook says

    It’s pretty class in fairness!!

  2. Dónal O'Flynn says

    It’s completely false to suggest that the Irish Radioplayer brings together “all Irish radio stations … on one single mobile platform”.

    Craol, the Community Radio Forum of Ireland lists twenty member stations on its website and there are many missing from that list, including the station that I was launch presenter for in 2011, TCRfm. Also, at any time in the year there is at least one temporary radio station on the air. Walk in My Shoes Radio and Christmas FM both broadcast to a wider catchment area than 4fm when on air but are not included in the app.

    On the back of this success, it’s time for RTÉ and the IBI to open up their closed shop to truly include ALL Irish radio stations. Every one of the stations currently included in the app have presenters, producers, researchers and engineers who have worked for a community, college or temporary station in the past or continue to do so on a part-time basis. Community, college and temporary stations don’t steal listeners from commercial stations, they just add to the variety of radio content available and serve their own communities/colleges/charities. Why should they be excluded from the app?

    1. Jason Collins on Facebook says

      Well it was a start to have the app up and running wasn’t it. More stations can be added no doubt.

      1. Dónal O'Flynn says

        Of course they can be, but WILL they? I hope so, but I know the hoops that the non-profit stations have to jump through and the barriers put in their way. As someone currently making the transition from community radio to commercial by way of the voluntary “almost nationwide” stations, it is deeply frustrating to see the place I started being excluded just because it’s volunteer-based and non-profit.

        1. Jason Collins on Facebook says

          I completely can see your point, hopefully that will change

    2. Lenny Lovett on Facebook says

      Fair enough but all their advertising stated that it carries every Irish radio station which is blatantly false.

  3. Andy J. Linton on Facebook says

    Outstanding Achievement? An app that could have been created for less than €100, but which in fact cost several thousand? (And doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do) Yep, that’s an achievement.

    1. Dónal O'Flynn says

      I agree completely Andy. People (including Niall O’Keeffe formerly of this site) have been aggregating streams from Irish radio stations for years at very little cost. The UK Radioplayer is a genuine achievement in how it has a standardised player across the websites of all of the stations involved as well as a highly successful app available on four different mobile platforms.

      I haven’t a clue how many college and community stations are in the UK and how many of those are listed on the Radioplayer, but as a random sample I looked up Tramore Community Radio’s namesake TCRfm (Total Choice Radio in Tamworth) and they were on it. At the moment the public would be much better of sticking to the Ireland section of TuneIn.

      When the Irish Radioplayer has TCRfm, Christmas FM, Walk in My Shoes Radio, Zenith Classic Rock etc. and a standardised player for web browsers, it can be deemed a success. Until then it’s just a marketing exercise for commercial radio. Obviously neither of us have anything against commercial radio given that we both make money from it (if my check for one day’s work for Newstalk counts!), but we also know what a vibrant radio scene there is beyond it. I discovered a new pirate station during a taxi journey this morning. I don’t really approve of pirate radio now that licenses are available relatively widely to those willing to work with rather than against the BAI, but it just goes to show that Irish radio is a broad spectrum, literally!

    2. Andrew Looby on Facebook says

      Yes ! Streaming radio stations in 2016 ‘ what an achievement. Btw there’s a thing called TuneIn .

  4. Jason Collins on Facebook says

    There’s non commercial radio stations on it lads, for one

    1. Lenny Lovett on Facebook says

      8 radio isn’t on the Irish radio player app.

    2. Jason Collins on Facebook says

      It is. Type in altogether Lenny Lovett

    3. Lenny Lovett on Facebook says

      We’re talking about the Irish Radioplayer app. 8radio is not on it.

    4. Jason Collins on Facebook says

      Ah sorry I was looking at the radio Ireland app. That’s a class app that actually does aggregate streams. To be honest if the first app, the one you’re taking about doesn’t have the streams wouldn’t people look elsewhere like I did? Just playing devil’s advocate

  5. Andy J. Linton on Facebook says

    Yes. It’s not an outstanding achieve by at all. The only back-patting that’s being done there is mutual.

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