Radio gets its own ad-serving technology

Something new and exciting is on the horizon for radio stations, an answer to today’s most pressing challenges – changing consumer behavior, ROI expectations of advertisers and of course keeping step with developments in the digital space.

But before we find out more about that, let’s look in more detail at how the land lies currently.

The world of radio continues to evolve, new innovations and changes in consumer habits are forcing broadcasters to think in ever more creative ways to target listener advertising. New technology allows the integration of finer data points such as location, device and even audience profile to support truly targeted approaches. And with the continuing steady creep of digital into the space we can expect to see an even split between terrestrial/digital ad-playout before too long. Campaigns are now routinely multi-platform, highly targeted and data-driven, creating multiple challenges for broadcasters. Radio advertising is arguably facing the biggest upheaval in its long history.

So, all of this begs the question – how can radio stations make the most of these changes? And how long before the march of progress threatens to overwhelm the capability of broadcasters to deliver true value for their advertisers?

Let’s look at some possible answers to these questions. Any solution should be easy to integrate – or even better, require no integration at all – with existing technology. No overhaul or replacement (or downtime or high cost) to plan for and manage. The ability to easily sell, schedule and execute multi-platform campaigns with minimal intervention and maximum automation should also be high on the wish list. And not forgetting the flexibility and capability to make the most of all that valuable data to support truly targeted ads.

It’s this set of needs that have led to the creation of the Adthos Ad Server, the first of its kind ad-serving technology specifically created for radio. A lightweight yet powerful addition to any existing traffic or playout system that allows digital audio and radio to be sold seamlessly within a single integrated campaign. Instant reconciliation and an intuitive customer interface provide for updates and insights on a complete campaign at a moment’s notice, with the ability to replace a spot in real time delivering incredible responsiveness. And this is just the first release of many that Adthos will do this year.

But perhaps the most surprising thing about the Adthos ad-server: it’s absolutely free.

Want to know more? Of course you do – visit for more details.

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