Introducing: Another first from the creators of Adthos

Audio advertising has gone through some seismic shifts in the last decade thanks to a number of factors.

There’s more listeners and more ways to listen – according to Edison Research, 74% of 25- to 54-year-olds are regularly streaming music, news and podcasts, with smart speakers emerging as one of the most popular ways to listen.

While technology makes it possible to harness the power of data to create truly targeted advertising. How then, to turn all of this potential into profit for broadcasters?

Introducing Adthos Creative Studio

For the first time, Adthos Creative Studio enables the production of broadcast-quality advertising audio using synthetic voice technology for on-the-go spot creation, with a powerfully targeted approach. So much more than a text to speech solution, it’s a first-of-a-kind browser based multitrack editor that allows you and your advertiser to collaborate online, combining music, human and synthetic voice to produce real-time audio advertising.

Hearing is believing

Adthos Creative Studio harnesses the power of AI to produce natural sounding and programmable audio that needs to be heard to be believed. Within the standard package choose from up to 14 US – English different voices, with many more available in Adthos’ exclusive voice talent library as part of the professional voiceover package.

Once you’ve chosen your voice, bring it to life with character and personality: control intonation, speed and apply reading rules for certain types of content such as phone numbers or emails to deliver realistic and engaging audio. Almost like directing your own voice actor!

Advertising that’s always a step ahead

Alongside the text-to-speech functionality, Creative Studio’s one-of-a-kind embedded webserver allows the insertion of content based on different data sets to produce timely, relevant advertising. From web-based information such as the weather pages, using geo-targeting for location-based advertising, or even Excel files in the case of information such as pricing catalogues for supermarket deals.

Taking care of the humans

It may sound as if this takes away opportunities from voiceover professionals, but it’s quite the opposite. We provide several ways for voice talent to monetise their synthetic voices, for example a royalty system. They also have access to a complete audit of where, when and what their voice has been used for, including being able to playback the recording, and opt out of various kinds of advertising e.g., Alcohol or adult-themed content. Where you decide to use your own voice talent, they’ll also be able to sign up to enjoy the same conditions.

Astonishing possibilities. Unbelievable price.

You’d expect all of this to come at a cost wouldn’t you? Think again. Adthos Creative Studio comes in at just USD49.99/month for a standard subscription.

While it’s ready for production and available, Adthos Creative Studio will launch initially with Limited Access, meaning customers must apply and be approved by Adthos before they can access it. Once approved, customers will get the chance to experience and utilize the full potential of broadcast quality AI-generated audio advertising.

Curious? Prepare to be amazed.

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