End of an era as Dermot leaves Dave on Today FM

The Dermot & Dave Show on Today FM will end soon as Dermot Whelan says goodbye to radio and leaves the station.

Dermot Whelan shared the news with Today FM listeners on the show this morning saying: “After 21 years on the radio together, I have decided to leave Dermot and Dave. Contrary to reports, this is not because of Dave’s Bad Jokes!

“I actually made this extremely difficult decision because I have other areas in my life that I’m really passionate about and I want to spend some time really devoting my time to them.”

A qualified meditation teacher for a number of years, Dermot is going to focus his attentions on his Mind Full brand, which has seen him write a bestselling book as well as a live tour.

Dermot added: “I have sought to blend comedy and humour with meditation so that I could help people deal with stress, worry and anxiety in their daily lives. I hope to write more books, do more tours and reach an online audience that I believe are ready for something new in this space”.

Dermot and Dave have made award winning radio for over two decades together, first on 98FM before moving to Today FM in 2014. Since then, the duo have amassed a huge national audience and toured Ireland, Europe and more recently Australia, as they supported the Irish Women’s Football Team in the World Cup.

Dave Moore said: “Dermot Valentine Whelan, I’ll miss being in a small room with my best friend for five hours every day and I am incredibly proud and excited for you for what’s next. I will not miss the 7-course fish dinner you eat before the show!”

Commenting on today’s announcement, James Brownlow, Managing Editor of Music & Entertainment, Bauer Media Audio Ireland said: “Although we’ve known this news for quite some time now, I’ve no doubt it’ll be bittersweet for Today FM listeners as we bid farewell to one half of what is an amazing radio double act. I know I speak on behalf of everyone in Today FM when I say Dermot will be hugely missed but we wish him all the luck in the world as he embarks on his new adventure. Dermot is an incredible presenter and broadcaster and today marks the end of an era for the Dermot & Dave Show”.

While Dermot announced his departure today, Dave also had some big news of his own to share – he’s finally got rid of Dermot and got his own show! Dave Moore told listeners: “I love radio. I love Today FM and I love you guys. I also love Bad Jokes. And they’re not going anywhere!”

Dave Moore on Today FM starts at 9am on Monday, 28th August.

On the upcoming new show Dave Moore on Today FM, James Brownlow commented: “We’ve been working on something pretty special with Dave for the past few months. Our audience already know and love him, and we’ve developed a show format that allows Dave to do what he does best and get our listeners even more involved. This is someone who has a strong track record in national morning radio and building a relationship with the Today FM audience has been key to that success. We’re excited for the next chapter of Dave Moore on Today FM and have lots of big plans up our sleeve!”

Today FM Managing Editor, Fyona Smith said: “What will make this show really stand out is Dave’s unique ability to strike a perfect balance between humour and sincerity. He’s the guy you want to go for a pint with, tell your funny story or tale of woe to. Dave has a genuine warmth and positive attitude that Today FM audiences have connected with on a national scale, and we can’t wait to launch this new show format later this month”.

Sharing the news on air earlier, Dermot Wheland thanked both the Today FM listeners and his co-host and best friend, Dave: “To the Today FM listeners: “Radio has given me so much over the last two decades. It’s the most wonderfully creative and exciting place to be with the best people in the world. Most of all it has given me an incredible relationship with our amazing listeners. I cannot thank all of you enough for tuning into our madness every day and laughing along with our funny stories and letting the tears flow for our sad ones.”

On his long standing relationship with his co-host Dave Moore: “Dave and I are best mates. We will always be best mates. I love him dearly. Nothing will change that, and I know that Dave supports me in everything I’m doing. He knows I didn’t take this decision lightly and he knows how passionate I am about the space I’m moving into. We hope to continue to work together long into the future and I can’t wait to see what that looks like. And I can’t wait for people to get even more of Dave with his new show. Although something tells me you may be getting even more Bad Jokes!”

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