New colourful look and new station sound for iRadio

There’s a new look and a new sound at iRadio for 2022 with its station-wide rebrand.

You’ll now see hues of teal blue, pink and purple added to iRadio’s stronger yellow and orange colours, to complete the new iRadio brand.

The focal point of this rebrand is a new TV advert, built around the concept of “My World, My Station, My Music.” It puts the listener centre stage and introduces us to ‘Senan’ the Snail.

The station’s vehicles and website have also been rebranded with the brighter colours.

iRadio CEO Mark Cunning welcomes the look, saying: “The brief around the rebrand wasn’t to apply wholesale changes to the look and feel of iRadio.

“It seems like the right time to evolve and enhance our established colour scheme to better represent fun, opportunity and the excitement that 2022 has given us.

“To be able to undertake and execute a project of this scale, and do it all in house, is testament to Derek and the Creative team we have in iRadio.

“Across the last two years there have been times when it felt like we were running to stand still. Like so many others we were constantly in survival mode, pivoting and resetting to overcome the many challenges COVID 19 presented to our product and our business.

“We’re excited about 2022, it’s time to have fun, to push boundaries and to move forward.”

iRadio’s Creative Director Derek Cassells added that ultimately the rebrand is all about having some fun: “When we sat down and looked at what we wanted to achieve, we all agreed that we wanted to represent our listeners better, so adding a sense of playfulness and fun was key to the brand refresh.

“Overall it has been a great success. It certainly compliments the station sound and really does represent our listeners and the personality of the station much more accurately.”

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