Ten things we took away from Radio Days Ireland 2023 in Dublin

The great and the good of the radio industry gathered in Dublin last week for the latest Radio Days Ireland event.

RadioToday was there as well, and here are ten things we learned during the two-day event.

  1. PJ and Jim are great at opening conferences – officially or unofficially – it was great to hear from them after the last few years we’ve all had
  2. Pat Kenny isn’t a big fan of podcasts. He thinks they spend too long on stories that can be explained much quicker on radio
  3. A special recognition award was made to the recently retired BAI Chief Executive, Michael O’Keefe, for his long-standing support for the Irish radio sector
  4. It only took 36 minutes for a reference to The Buggles
  5. James O’Brien was happy to be ‘home’ in Ireland and is great at speaking to a room of radio folk. Amazing how his career path is remarkably similar to that of Alan Partridge!
  6. In-car listening is a big part of radio, as data from the BBC showed us. During the pandemic, radio listening in the car fell in line with the lockdown – and people working from home
  7. Patricia Messinger still loves radio today as much as she did when she started her daily radio show in 1990. She’s been on C103 for 33 years!
  8. Podcasting isn’t much of a worry for radio broadcasting – 83% listen to radio weekly whilst 17% listen to podcasts
  9. Radio people love cookies!
  10. And finally, Bauer is the biggest threat to local radio in Ireland, according to one of the panelists!

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