Adrian and Jeremy to return.. in 93 days!

Former FM104 presenters Adrian and Jeremy will be back on the radio on March 3rd 2014, but are prohibited from announcing which station they will be on.

A statement from the two on their Facebook page, which has 13k likes, says they left FM104 to take up a job offer at another station but their contracts state they must give six months notice and cannot mention any other stations.

Adrian and Jeremy left the station in September to make way for the return of Chris Barry on the late night talk show.

The statement from them duo, who reiterate they left FM104 on good terms, is below.




A lot of you have been asking us what happened to us, why we’re not on the radio and when we’ll be back? Well here’s the answer…


The 2 of us resigned from FM104 at the end of August (and finished on-air at the end of September) to take up a job offer with another radio station. Our contracts with FM104 state that we must give SIX months notice, as a result of which we are still under contract with the station until 28th February.


Until then our contracts prohibit us from promoting another station, or our new show…which is why we haven’t mentioned it on this page.


In the meantime we’re both very touched that 13.2k of you have LIKED this page (and hope you’ll SHARE it with all your friends). It’s our way of staying in touch with you until we return to the airwaves in just 93 days!! Hope this explains everything and that you understand.


Adrian & Jeremy

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