Round 3: Keith Barry v Neil Prendeville

The public argument between Keith Barry and Neil Prendeville continues this evening as Keith Barry offers his version of events.

Keith posts his comments on his Facebook page once again, citing a different sequence of events to those told on-air this morning by Neil.

Keith says he didn’t get a call till he was at the station cancelling the interview, that the producer who told him the news was male, and that Neil had time to come out of the studio during the news bulletin to talk to him.

If you didn’t catch the first two events, click here and then here. Then read the latest update below repoduced in full from Facebook:

“For anyone interested this will be my final comment on the Cork’s Red FM issue with Neil Prendeville. Having listened to his show today I am gobsmacked. When I arrived downstairs in Red Fm I got a call from my publicist saying he was not going to have me on as I had just been on another station (although he had never asked for an exclusive and to be clear i was going to do completely different demos for him).

I called the programme director from downstairs to see what was going on. He didn’t answer. Myself and my assistant Jose went into reception where we were met by a lovely researcher/producer who kindly offered us coffee. I assumed then all was good. She asked us where we were parked and told us we needed to move the car as we would be clamped in the space we were in. Jose went to move the car. Then a male producer(which Neil forgot to mention on his show) came out and told me Neil would not have me on. I explained I had stayed up very late preparing and also had hung around beautiful Cork an hour for the interview. I asked him was he ok with me mentioning online about the fact that Neil won’t have me on.

He said he agreed with me that I should be on the show, would not be happy about me commenting online and went back into talk to Neil. This was at 11am – I believe the news is on at that time so Neil could have come out to explain the situation. In the meantime Jose returned wherein the original producer/researcher asked him what our car reg was. We didn’t know so Jose happily went back out to get it. The male producer returned and stated Neil was sticking with his decision and wouldn’t have me on. I told him I was not happy about the situation and promptly left the building.

At no time was there any finger pointing at anyone ‘in a menacing way(according to Neil) and at no time was I aggressive. I am not and never have been ‘a bully’ and have no time for it. Those of you who have ever met me know that I pride myself on being a hard working and decent man, and although my entertainment is not for everyone I do my best in life.

The ONLY interaction over the 10/15 mins of this embarrassing situation that I had with the receptionist was a kind hello on the way in and as I left I did say jokingly ‘I love Red Fm but sh*t’s gonna hit the fan’. I do think Neil is a good Broadcaster and I wish Red and him every success in the future. This is a true and accurate statement of what happened – time to move on and make this page fun again. Thanks. Keith”

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