Radio Nova expands coverage north of Dublin

Radio NOVA has received permission from the BAI to expand its transmission coverage up the east coast of Ireland.

The station has now built a significant booster station at Balbriggan, to bring its signal even further north of Dublin. The increased coverage, on 100.1 FM, is available to listeners from today, Wednesday April 15th.

Radio Nova CEO Kevin Branigan told RadioToday: “We’ve been eager to expand our coverage for some time and have publicly expressed this in recent months. We now cover even further up the east coast than before, adding tens of thousands of potential new listeners. We are the only Dublin station that extends into the sizeable commuter belt area of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow and we now cover more of this extensive area than before”.

Nova is the only Dublin radio station also licenced to cover the extensive commuter belt region around Dublin, which includes parts of Kildare, Meath and Wicklow.

The station’s new 100.1 FM frequency will give enhanced coverage to people in the region, including the towns of Balbriggan, Skerries, Rush and Lusk. Nova also broadcasts on 100.3 from 3 Rock Mountain, covering Dublin, on 100.5 into Kildare and on 95.7 into Wicklow.


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  1. Brian Daly on Facebook says

    Does 100.3 not cover into Meath and Louth pretty well?

    1. jack says

      good point brian i know they get in to balbriggan pretty strong you know your self brian they use rte transmitter to get in to most parts of the country and they have to pay rte broadcasting fees as you the bai have to give there permission to increase there powder i know nail o brien is the chief engineer with the bai i don’t know how its done unless nova have there own transmitter and the dublin mountains is the higest point in the dublin area and there is a lot of transmitter in that eara

  2. Peter Redmond says

    coverage in East Meath close to Drogheda and around town has been patchy with interference . This should improve it

  3. Mike Wilsom on Facebook says

    They can be pick up in Cavan I hear on 100.3 fm !

  4. Tommy Quille, says

    What happened Nova’s plans to go Multi-city.

  5. Mike Wilsom on Facebook says

    Maybe money !!

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