Limerick listeners urged to Boycott 4FM’s Boylan

Calls have been made for Limerick radio listeners to boycott the Niall Boylan show, after it broadcast an interview with Molly Martens, a ‘person of interest’ in the killing of Limerickman Jason Corbett.

Ms Martens had cared for two children – Jack (10) and Sarah Corbett (9) for eight years, initially as a nanny, following the death of their father Jason’s first wife Mags in 2006, but later as Jason’s wife after all four moved to North Carolina, USA. However, after Jason Corbett was killed in his home on Sunday August 2nd, a bitter court battle led to her losing custody of the children to their aunt Tracey Lynch and her husband David.

While Jack and Sarah returned to Ireland on August 22nd and Ms. Martens remains a “person of interest” in their father’s murder, despite no charges having been made, a recent article by the Sunday Times revealed that Ms. Martens’ father Thomas – a former FBI agent, who is trained in the use of lethal force – is a second person of interest in the killing and is reported to have said “I did it” when he made the ‘911’ call to police to inform them of the attack on Mr. Corbett. Since the case, Ms. Martens has been constantly posting updates on her own Facebook page in an attempt to gain contact with the children, including details of her phone number and email address, and has now spoken to Classic Hits 4FM’s Niall Boylan Show, which itself drew many complaints recently when it became embroiled in a sexual harrassment row.

Local newspaper, The Limerick Leader reports that following the broadcast of the interview, Classic Hits 4FM was inundated with complaints on its social media pages, many of which the station have since deleted. The newspaper adds that a link to the interview on the station’s Facebook page was also removed, but that the interview was still accessible online via Twitter and – despite apparently not being available on the 4FM podcast page – it can be heard on the show’s Soundcloud.

The four-minute long interview featured a tearful Ms. Martens who directly addressed the children, who she revealed she has not spoken to since they left the USA. Speaking to Boylan, she began by saying:

“I am not very well, I am distraught … they are my children, and anyone who has children would understand the pain I’m in. I’m very appreciative to have the opportunity to say I love you and happy birthday (to Sarah)”.

Boylan closed the interview by telling Ms. Martens:

“Molly, that is probably the most emotional piece of audio I have ever heard, and people would have to have a heart of stone to not believe and understand how you feel about the children who referred to you as their mother for so many years – and by the way, I’m not minimising what has happened – because people are going to think that I am in some way…”.

A Facebook page set up since the interview in order to encourage the boycotting of the show has, at the time of writing, received over 1,550 ‘likes’ and says that the broadcast and subsequent online availability of the interview has caused “extra pain and suffering to the family for the sake of ratings”. Hundreds of comments have been posted to the page including the suggestion that Niall Boylan had “overstepped the boundary”, engaged in “child endangerment” and considered his ratings to be “more important than the lives of others”.

The members of the facebook page also berated Classic Hits 4FM for removing their angry comments from the station’s own facebook page, and encouraged listeners to lodge an official complaint with the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, with some sharing replies they had gotten to emails of complaint to the station itself which said that the situation was currently “under review”.

One reply to a listener named Margaret, apparently from 4FM Programme Director Andy Matthews said:

“We fully understand that this particular story is a truly emotive one and it is our primary concern that the interview was carried out in a balanced, open and impartial way”.


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  1. Bernie says

    Where do they get off giving a reply like that “balanced, open and impartial” how can it be – when he is friends with Ms. Molly Martens on Facebook……. Enough said!! I hope the BAI take action on this as this behaviour of trying to get a reaction out of his listeners and removing valid comments following the broadcast is repulsive. Shame on him and the station.

    1. Mona Earnest says

      “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”. Matthew 5:9
      Dear Lord, help me today and every day to be a peacemaker for those around me. Help me to do good, to seek peace and pursue it.

      Bernie, I hope you find peace in this simple prayer. I don’t know what the “valid comments” contained but I can guess it was probably not a message of love or one that encouraged forgiving, kindness or compassion. Messages of hate are simply never helpful. Right now my great niece and great nephew need to be surrounded by love and compassion – hate for those that they love will only bring them pain. Jack and Sarah have suffered a great loss and they should be shown every measure of compassion. To be clear, my husband and I arranged and fully supported Molly in delivering a loving message to her children on the Niall Boylan show. The fact that his show has received so much hate mail regarding this loving message sadly confirms a lack of love and compassion in the hearts of too many souls in Limerick. Simply put, Jack and Sarah need a line of communication to their mother no matter what anyone may think of Molly. They love her and need her comfort. We will continue to pray that God’s light will dispel the darkness of hatred in the hearts of those who have been entrusted to compassionately watch over Jack and Sarah. My husband and I remain committed to helping Molly in every way we can to open a line of communication to her children.

      1. dis says

        Wouldn’t it have been nice if someone in the house hadn’t killed the kids’ father? I mean that’s who they really needed, right? Oh well, I guess an Irish family is what they will have to settle for because ms. Martens I s never, ever getting those children back. The radio station should be ashamed. The Irish stick together. Stop giving her press. She doesn’t deserve it. And, the family has to fundraise because of the marten family, who by the way, are not the family of these Irish children just like molly is not their mother.

      2. Katy Court says

        What a shame them Ms. Earnest. Asking strangers to reach out to two minor children like that is endangering them, you have to know that. It is apparently all about Molly for you and your family. And while I comprehend that, for she is your family. There’s no compassion, empathy or sympathy for those two orphaned children, or Jason’s parents and siblings. It comes across as if you’re trying to erase his too short existence in this life, God Rest him.

        Ms. Martens is not these children’s mother. She was one of several nanny’s, and then their step-mom. They need their family around them, they need those who will put their needs above their own, and that just not sound like Molly Martens or her family. No insult intended, but it is coming across that you’re acting for what you want for Molly, not what’s necessarily best for these children. Someone in their home took their daddy’s life away in a brutal manner. Please, some empathy at the least.

        1. shock says

          can you quote the relevant legislation that states saying happy birthday is child endangerment?

      3. Ca says

        Sarah and jack are surrounded by love and compassion with both their families, their dads jasons family and their mam mags family. The people in the house on the night their father was taken from them are the ones that have caused them pain. Where was their compassion for jasons family when he was murdered to wait so long to inform them, where was their compassion in not allowing family to see the children when they arrived in the states. You can remain committed to your niece and support her and i will remain committed to my nephew and niece jack and sarah that they are supported and loved in everyway.

      4. Kieran O'Halloran says

        molly didn’t let Tracy and David communicate with Jack and Sarah when they travelled over did she?

    2. shock says

      the comments were rightly removed as they made allegations. the BAI would be stupid to bother with this TBH

  2. Sierra says

    Since when is telling both sides of the story a bad thing. If you allow only one side of the story to be heard then that is propaganda not journalism. So far this family has only ALLOWED only one side and they have not been shy in exploiting the pictures of these traumatized children in the media to make money. If you have nothing to hide then why be afraid of both sides being heard? And why have there been no charges? And stop with the cover up nonsense. So far this family has run the media like the Irish Mob.

    1. Mike says

      Thank you Seirra for saying what everyone is thinking. This family is constantly exploiting the death of Jason for “fundraising campaigns.” It was a case that lasted 2 weeks. Has anyone wondered how someone could call the police and admit to killing someone and not be arrested yet. Is it just not possible to people that it could have been in self defense? Oh… That’s right it is an elaborate FBI coverup.

      1. Katy Court says

        What awful thing to say. They need to raise money so that they can hire attorneys to protect the children from Molly Martens and her family. Ms.Martens has retained control of the Corbett assets and is mis-using them to gain custody away from Corbett family ofo Jason’s two minor children. As for the conspiracy, well, brutal murder, no history of domestic abuse, and no charges. Martens dad retired FBI, and several other family members also US Federal government employees, and Jason Corbett a non-American. Go figure, eh?

        1. dis says

          Tell them Kathy. These comments are a joke. Just like the justice system in the US apparently.

      2. Katy Court says

        You’re Uncle Mike aren’t you? That’s why you accusing their family of exploiting them when what they’re making sure of is that they protect Jason’s children from the Martens family. For once, can someone from the Martens family not worry about what’s best for Molly, and put Jason Corbett’s children as the first priority?. And while it’s clearly unpalatable for you all not to give Molly what she wants, it’s just as clear that its not going to work returning these two orphans to the Martens family, it’s not what’s best for the children. You are NOT their family. Molly is NOT their mother, adopted or otherwise. Let them be, let them grieve the loss of their daddy. Wouldn’t you want that for your own?

      3. Bernie says

        Mike I think you need to rethink your statement about “This Family” – it is the friends, neighbours & work colleagues of Jason and Jack & Sarah’s late mother Mags who have organised the fund raising – not the families. Neither family has or would exploit the situation- they the family are mourning the loss of a loved one.

      4. Kieran O'Halloran says

        They will get what’s coming to them.How do you know it was self defense?Were you there.Or did your FBI pal tell you that.OH and Molly is NOT their mother and never will be.

        1. Niall O'Keeffe says

          Kieran (and others), please stick to discussing the show in question. Further comments posting opinion and conjecture about the ongoing case may be deleted.

    2. Kieran O'Halloran says

      well said

  3. Katy Court says

    I heard that disgraceful interview. Niall Boylan all but licked her boots. She asked ‘people’ at large to get her desperate messages to Jason Corbett’s children and Niall Boylan agreed and aided her. Strangers to approach two minor children just orphaned. After all of has have seen time and time again horror stories of missing and or abused children. This woman asked strangers to get her message to them. Just awful. Very badly done by Boylan. Very dangerous thing he took part in when he aided and abetted that woman, who happens to be one of two ‘persons of interest’ in the brutal killing of those children’s daddy. He deserves to be more than boycotted.

    1. Mona Earnest says


      It’s disturbing to hear to you say “He deserves to be more than boycotted”. I certainly don’t want God to give either of us what we deserve but instead that He should give us His mercy and His grace. Naill Boylan simply offered a mother who was suffering great emotional pain an opportunity to reach out and deliver a loving message to her children – who are also suffering great emotional pain. FYI – a “person of interest” is a term used by U.S. law enforcement to identify someone who is involved in a criminal investigation who has not been arrested or formally accused of a crime. Not been arrested or formally accused of a crime is a key point here. In the United States of America you are innocent until proven guilty

      1. Katy Court says

        Preaching to me about God while Molly Martens and Boylan went on the air and engendered precious minor children by begging for strangers to reach out to them with message of Martens love for them is a little over the top. We get it, you love her. My aunts love me also but I would hope they would put the needs of vulnerable grieving orphans above mine if I didn’t as they are good Catholics themselves. And it was the Sheriff who said “persons of interest” – two of the three surviving adults in the house the night/morning Jason Corbett battered to death with son’s baseball bat. You can and should love your niece without enabling her. Put the needs of these orphaned children ahead of the wants of Molly. That’s the best and safest thing to do.

      2. Tym says

        Really Mona and ‘Mike’, you both should be ashamed. More i terested in protecting that coniving woman…wonder how your are bith related. And he should be boycotted and censored. ms. Martens was never their mother, step-mother is not the same thing. She has no legal rights to thise children, and morally…lol…their father was murdered in their home…why? You people have tried to make him out as absent and abusive…odd no police reports, his friends and co-workers suggest a different picture. And if she anf
        D yours were so confident, why not open those i,legal fb postings to open commemts. Right…makes it seem as if all positive with no negative or dislikes…SHAME on you. Leave those poor children alone…move onto your next victim.

      3. Kieran O'Halloran says

        But does the ”I did it ” not mean anything?He most certainly do it himself now did he?Its wrong what Molly is doing plastering those kids photos all over Facebook with messages

  4. Lenny Lovett on Facebook says

    People should have more sense (and taste) than to be listening to him anyway! Shock Jock? Shock Joke more like!

  5. Ray Byrne on Facebook says

    Come that’s a bit over the top Niall Boylan was only doing his job . He’s a great broadcaster with one of the only decent talk shows on radio

    1. Tym says

      Great broadcaster would have invited a representative from the other side for rebuttal interview at same time.

  6. Jacob Lang says

    Without realising it you are all giving this station and it’s awful presenter free publicity when they don’t need it or deserve it. Clearly the station management are happy that people are angry as they tell others and this generates even more social media madness for them. The only thing this station is interested is ratings and feeding on listeners vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Shame on them.

  7. Niall O'Keeffe says

    Honestly folks, as much as a radio show isn’t the place to comment on an ongoing legal case, neither is this. Feel free to comment on the radio show in question or this article. but please stick to facts and leave conjecture regarding the case out of it or I’ll have to close comments on this article. There will be no further warning.

    1. Kieran O'Halloran says

      Her Uncle and Aunt are saying it was self defense and he’s allegedly a Law Enforcer.tut tut.

      1. Niall O'Keeffe says

        Thanks Kieran. You don’t know what “STOP” means, do you? Comments are now closed on this article.

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