2fm gets a rebrand with new imaging and logo

RTÉ has given 2fm a new look today with a new logo, new website and updated imaging.

The national station is using black and white (with a cloud of colours in the background) for its branding on social media, whilst the website uses a darker orange colour than its previous logo, which had been in use since 2009.

A new website has been launched at 2fm.ie, which forwards to 2fm.rte.ie, and features a modern single home screen scrolling format which contains information from programmes, presenters and social media. However, 2fm’s old site is still visible at rte.ie/2fm.

New straplines have been introduced too – the printed logo has the words “Sound of the Nation” whilst the new top of hour ident says “Hear it See it Live it”.

Each show has a new promotional card too, which shows off the new logo:


Beat also rebranded today, with a new logo and updated production.

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  1. MickoJ says

    Is it just me or does the cloud of colours in the background what you’d imagine a fart would look like?

  2. Seamus Hogan on Facebook says

    They can rebrand all they want, never in its history has the station had such a shite format crap celebrity presenters with the talent of a toilet brush and shite playlists

  3. Jack Delaney on Facebook says

    2fm is crap and allways will be no logo is not going to do anything for the station 2fm should be sold off dan healy fucked up 2fm bring back the oldies and larry gogan

    1. eoinsheezus says

      If I want oldies I listen to RTÉ Gold or Radio Nova, not 2FM.

  4. Joe O Connor on Facebook says

    Yep I think the game is up for 2fm could not have said it better seamus

  5. Mark Collins on Facebook says

    Take more than a new logo, the broadcasting standard at 2fm is poor at best, has no idea what it’s supposed to be or who it’s target audience is.

  6. Well done 2fm. I like it.

  7. Joe O Connor on Facebook says

    It has nothing to do with the music it’s the whole set up who is it serving at lease nova knows Who there listership is

  8. Mike Kaas says

    It honestly makes my ears bleed.. what is this stretched computerised sound going on?!!! I played it to a few fellow members of the public and they said it put them off from listening.. deary me 2fm…

  9. Paul M K says

    It’s true to say that 2fm has in the past has been omni directional. And that exsists at Times. It would seem to me that their public service obligations are counter productive. They can’t do one thing for being criticized for doing another. Moving Rick O’Shea to the weekends was in my opinion a mistake. But the addition of Eoghan McDermott in late afternoons was a good move. He found his feet fast. He’s articulate, witty, opinionated and seems to have a good working knowledge of the Irish language which is a plus working on our state broadcaster. But that’s my opinion.

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