Temporary station The Rock goes live across Ireland

Classic rock service “The Rock” has begun broadcasting on FM to Cork, Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny and the North East of Ireland via a temporary license from the BAI, and will run weekdays until September 30th.

The pilot radio station, which is connected with Dublin-based broadcaster Radio Nova, will broadcast a mix of music from guitar-based artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Police, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and The Kinks as well as more contemporary acts such as the Kings of Leon, The Killers and The Foo Fighters – and will also feature news and lifestyle information aimed at 25-54 year olds.

The station – which is specifically not broadcasting to Radio Nova’s Dublin commuter belt franchise area – can be heard on 106.7 FM in Cork, 105.5FM in Limerick, 89.5FM in Galway, 104.3FM in Kilkenny and 99.4FM across the North East (including Cavan, Monaghan, Louth and North Meath).

It can also be heard online at their web site, therock.ie

The broadcasting licence has been granted to Jazbury Ltd., and marks the second time that The Rock has obtained a temporary BAI licence as a multi-city station.

Radio Nova began broadcasting in 2010 and covers the Dublin commuter belt area of Dublin, Kildare, Meath & Wicklow. However, the station has made no secret of its desire to extend its coverage area around the country in recent times. Spokesperson, Kevin Branigan, said:

“We’re delighted to get this temporary licence from the BAI and are grateful for the opportunity they’ve given us to broadcast. The considerable success of Radio NOVA in the Dublin commuter area shows that providing diversity in radio programming works. We’re interested to see what demand there is for a rock music service in the rest of the country; there’s nothing like this on air outside the Dublin commuter belt and it would certainly add to diversity for radio listeners in these areas. If feedback is positive, we’d like to make a case to the BAI to allow for it in their next licensing plan. Ultimately it will be their decision”.

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  1. Seamus Hogan on Facebook says

    Limerick ?

    1. Niall O'Keeffe on Facebook says

      Yes, Seamus, as the article says, they’re on 105.5FM in Limerick.

    2. kevin cork says

      once I heard tom sayer by rush that was it for me, officially best raido station ever

  2. Joan Fitzgerald on Facebook says

    Yeah I think so Shay x

  3. Mike Wilsom on Facebook says

    Why why is Waterford City left out every time ! Not right !

    1. eoinindahouze says

      Waterford has Zenith.

  4. Mike Wilsom on Facebook says

    Meath has radio nova !

  5. Martin Mcgivern says

    Started listening yesterday. Great music lads. Keep up the good work.

  6. ed c says

    great station…. hoping it keeps going past the 30th.


  7. John Cartner says

    Ireland has been crying out for a radio staion like this,I really hope you can get a licence to make it a permanent fixture on our air waves, good luck with the project.

    1. Ronald says

      Agree, this station needs to stay on !!

  8. Philip Lyons says

    Could not believe hearing the best rock songs on your new station .keep up the great work Great to hear the old ac\dc with Bon Scott, i would also love a blast of some new Saxon tracks.ROCK ON LADS.

  9. Elaine says

    Love this station! Turned on today and heard Bowie, the Stones…. fantastic work guys, hope you keep going “,) (26 yo f)

  10. Ronald says

    Please please please keep this station alive. Its everything Nova and Phantom werent. True honest good rock music. Playing all songs from the big rock bands in the 60s 70s and 80s. I love every song they play. The Rock ROCKS !!

  11. Owen Fogarty says

    Best of luck guys im loving it

  12. Seamus Hogan on Facebook says

    Why do we not have a national 80s station, the demand is there the audience is there so come on someone…..

  13. Martin healy says

    I think the “rock”is a great radio station pitty nt on all yr round absolutely love it,it’s so different to what we have on air now

  14. Ger Walsh says

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant. The Country need a Rock Station. Getting fed up listening to the same 6-7 songs.


    Ger Walsh

  15. jimmy C says

    Found it accidently thurs morning ,couldnt believe it
    great station ,try and keep it going lads just what we need .Its rocking Letrim at the minute

  16. Philip says

    It’s a waste of time and effort nobody i have been talking with is interested

  17. Gerardine Batt says

    great station love it in Cork. Meatloaf and Metallica back to back. Fab, only sad its temporary

  18. Chris george says

    Really loving station. You need make it permanent. Really great way to start my day listening to decent rock music.

  19. Anthony Manning says

    Stumbled across while driving in Galway… have’nt changed station since. What a treat to hear “Steely Dan” on the radio at lunch hour !!, Such a shame it’s only temporary

  20. Al says

    Found this frequency by accident and it has made my week. Permanency is hopefully a must. Full length Pink Floyd and Zeppelin songs, sure were would ya get it!

  21. yvonne cronin says

    The “Nirvana” of radio stations!!!

  22. stephen kelleher says

    While working in Dublin for two years i tuned in to radio nova all the time for the great rock music that was being played . I always said it would be great if it was broadcasting nationwide and now my prayers have been answered. Hope you get a full licence shortly so that i never have to shift that dial again

  23. Mike J says

    That’s a lot of commenters posting praise for the station and – don’t get me wrong – while I like the music they’re playing, I could get it all on my iPod on shuffle any time. The few times I’ve tuned in, I’ve waited 30-40 minutes to hear a presenter, and then they only spoke for 10-15 seconds. Where’s the personality? Sounds to me like it was all put together in a bit of a rush this time.

    1. Justin Casey says

      The fact that there is no irritating presenter yapping on about irrelevant crap is exactly what makes this station great along with its awesome music. Leave it exactly the way it is!!

  24. Derv.N says

    My sister stumbled on the rock yesterday, this is soooo badly needed in Ireland all year around!! A bit crackly in Roscommon area! This needs a big push of promotion as no one knows about it and if they did it would get great support. Even searching online for what frequency the station was to let my friends know to listen to it, the link was 10th from the top.! Invest money in suggested posts on Facebook to come up in connection with foo fighter videos etc. There is a definite nesh for this station! (27 f Roscommon)

  25. Evelyn mccarthy says

    Hope ye get a licence for full licence to broadcast here in galway…havent changed stations since I found ye

  26. Sean O Donoghue says

    Great station brilliant music. when will it be back on again ????????

  27. Tommy Quille says

    When is the Rock coming back on air. I am in Limerick city

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