New Late Date presenters for RTÉ Radio 1

Cathal Murray has been announced as the new weekday presenter for RTÉ Radio 1’s Late Date, whilst Fiachna O Braonáin will host weekends.

Cathal will make his debut on Sunday 29th May and will present the show from 11pm Sunday to Thursday. They are the full time replacements for Alf McCarthy who retired last year.

“I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to take over and put my stamp on one of Ireland’s best loved radio shows. I can’t wait to put together a programme to take listeners who are ‘into the music’, ‘into the night’“ said Cathal Murray. “Having spent the last six years rising before the dawn for The Weekend on One I’m looking forward to changing my feathers from ‘early bird’ to ‘night owl’.”

Fiachna O Braonáin will present Late Date, Friday and Saturday night, Friday 3rd June at 11pm and Saturday 4th June from midnight. “Late Date is like an old friend to me! A friend that navigated me home from gigs on many occasions over the years. It is now a great pleasure to be the navigator!,” Fiachna said.

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  1. Paul O'Mahony on Facebook says

    What about Lillian Smith? Ye haven’t a clue!

  2. Joe O Connor on Facebook says

    Has not been the same since Alf Mccarthy i am afraid to say but good luck to Cathal anyway

  3. John O'Sullivan on Facebook says

    Lillian Smith cryptically said week before last she only had a few more of these to do…….

  4. Padfy says

    What about lillan smith. She is brilliant and the only one with the voice for late night. Again rte haven’t a clue. Jobs for the boys. Well that’s me gone from the late date show. I hope one of the other radio stations start a late night program and get lillan. They would give rte a run for there money.

  5. Paddy O Hanlon on Facebook says

    Does anyone know why lillan smith did not get the job. Has she fallen out with rte bosses . She is brilliant at that show. Rte bosses havent a clue. Lillian had a massive following on that show. Well looks like I now have to move the dial

    1. Rachel says

      Alf was late date and is irreplaceable. I have no reason to listen to anything on rte radio from now on. Late date with Alf was so so special and the top people should have given him a new contract. Shame on ye.

  6. Joe McDonnell says

    Ditto. Lillian was class. Class is rare. Maybe too rare and challenging for some safe people in RTE.

  7. AlfFan says

    It was stupid to let Alf go, he was brilliant, dropped just because he turned 65, a dumb move by RTE. Never really a listened to Lilian, seemed very predictable. Glad to see Cathal got this gig, he has been good at any time of day on Radio One for years.

  8. etta graham says

    please take Fiacna NI Brian off cannot stand his voice on Late Date miss Alf and LILIAN big time CATHALdoing well tho

  9. Bobsyeruncle says

    Why on earth was a clean sweep warranted? If we can’t have Alf, can’t we at least keep Lillian? She has a gorgeous, velvety voice – perfect for late-night radio and her choice of music is wide-ranging, quirky and entertaining.


  10. Marian McDonnell says

    Where is late date gone.?Alf had time for everyone. No chatting to people all week and listening to music more suitable for 7pm time.Fiachna is perfect for it …he has a nice personality and has time for people like Alf had.The weekend and the weeks programme seem like two different shows…. Not late date anyway.Please change it round .

  11. Nol sheedy says

    Used love easy listening after coming home from work after midnight. Not so ‘easy listening’ anymore. Turn it off most nights now as very ‘daytime’ type music a lot of the time.

  12. Declan Keane says

    I could not catch the name of the female uk artist you played earlier…Marley? The show has become even better!

  13. Catherine Shaw says

    Would much prefer Lillian Smith as presenter – really enjoyed her early morning programme today. I often turn off Late Date now – too noisy for winding down to sleep time!

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