Late Date’s Alf McCarthy retires from RTÉ Radio 1

Radio 1 host Alf McCarthy is retiring at the end of December after 35 years of broadcasting with RTÉ.

He began broadcasting from RTÉ’s Cork studio in 1979 as part of the Radio Cork service and gained national exposure by providing content for Radio 1.

“I love the intimacy of radio and have enjoyed the privilege of being allowed into people’s lives and hearts every night,” Late Date host Alf said today.

RTÉ Radio 1 Music and Entertainment Editor, Ann-Marie Power said “It has been a privilege working with Alf over the past number of years and seeing first hand how his loyal family of listeners held him in the highest and warmest regard. He will be missed.”

Alf is best-known locally for presenting Corkabout, the flagship current affairs and arts programme for over 20 years on RTÉ Radio 1. He also created comedy and satire series Shortt Circuit, The Usual Suspects and Bull Island and produced documentaries such as The Cleggan Disaster, Early Doors No More and A Tale of Three Cities.

On RTÉ Television, Alf has presented Live @ Three, P.M. Live and the seminal Down Here with a View to Above and he was also a regular guest on The Late Late Showand Play the Game.

Alf will present his final show on RTÉ Radio 1 on December 30th 2015

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  1. Seamus Hogan on Facebook says

    All the good ones are nearly gone
    Hello 4 fm

  2. Joe O Connor on Facebook says

    i think he is only leaving late date and yes seamus broadcasting is not what it use to be presenters not allowed to become bigger than the station suits calling the shots and boring the hole of the public internet radio sounds good

    1. Jack Delaney on Facebook says

      thats very true joe raido broadcasting is changing all the time

  3. Jimmy Williams on Facebook says

    From what I read he didnt have a choice…RTE are forcing retirement on him..Ya have it spot on about the suits Joe

    1. Jack Delaney on Facebook says

      jimmy once you get to 65 your contract is not renewed

    2. Jimmy Williams on Facebook says

      I know that,he made the point they were giving Mike Murphy a couple of shows,and he being older,I know Mike is not contracted to the station,but Alf feels he still has something to offer…

    3. Jimmy Williams on Facebook says

      I know that,he made the point they were giving Mike Murphy a couple of shows,and he being older,I know Mike is not contracted to the station,but Alf feels he still has something to offer…

  4. Darren Lynch on Facebook says

    Who is replacing him?

  5. Darren Lynch on Facebook says

    Who is replacing him?

  6. Jack Delaney on Facebook says

    probley no one darren jim jennings is the boss at rte raido 1 there is a few more should go watch this space

  7. Darren Lynch on Facebook says

    Not good love late date

  8. Mars says

    Love Alf. Don’t know why rte are letting such a legend go. Rte seem to want to bore listeners as putting such a bore as Ray darcy they have lost a heap of afternoon listeners as for his TV show I’d rather watch paint dry. is Rte paying for “kings suit of gold”
    Cop on before we all change channel

  9. Mike Bermingham says

    This is ageism in action I’m afraid. Alf McCarthy had a wonderfully engaging style of presentation where one felt they were being talked to and not at. The age issue is extremely vexing to me. One should be judged on ability. To be forced to retire on reaching 65 by not having your contract renewed is a ludicrous position in this day and age. Plenty of other broadcasters still engage way beyond that threshold (Gay Byrne is 81) Does this also mean Marian Finnucane will also have to go now sh is 65? As long as you can do the job efficiently and effectively is what matters along with your JNLR’s.

    1. Angela Dalton says

      Miss Alf he is one of the best presenters an the other is ,Shay Byrne. I miss do Alf . the other presenters are OK but Alf was brilliant . best wishes Alf I’m sure you will be doing something better soon, and you sounded a lot younger than 65. I can’t believe you were that age you should be still doing late date but that’s Rte for you

    2. Nuala Holloway says

      From what I’ve read here RTE is an ageist employer. Why should people have to retire at 65 years – it lacks good judgement and intelligence. People are staying younger for longer and have plenty of ability to continue in a job they enjoy and are passionate about. Many people are sick of Gay Byrne and his arrogant manner but they have kept him for some strange reason. Wake up RTE we are living in 2017. Please recognize talent and give them the respect they have earned and deserve. I for one will no longer be tuning into your station. Thank goodness we have the BBC for more intelligent discourse.

  10. Julie says

    I’m soo disappointed that alf gone I listened any nite I worked late and I’ve missed him only Gooled now to find he won’t be back thought he was on long holidays. Rte should b ashamed letting him go nite time is not the same without his kind soft voice humour and pure care he put into his show u left he was taking to you in ur home and the music was great..voice is soo important on radio ..I’m done differently with Rte radio ye did away with all yer good presenters and replaced them with young inexperienced and not good on radio shame on ye

  11. Rachel says

    l don,t listen to late date anymore as it is not the same without Alf. Alf is a wonderful warm broadcaster and played the best music.Late date has lost most of it,s regular listeners since Cathal Murray took over as his choice of music and presenting style is not suitable to late night radio.

  12. Mich says

    I want to get Alf back? I have listened into Late Date on and off over the last 18 months since Alf Mc Carthy was shafted. Not the same sort of radio at all. He created a sense of intimate radio community late at night. His soothing voice was wonderful to listen to and the music was varied and appropriate for the time of night. Much missed and ridiculous that such a talent should not be able to continue!

  13. Mich says

    typo – no question mark on first sentence!

    1. Rachel says

      Mich Late Date with Alf was the only reason that I listened to RTE radio1 and I have not listened since retirement was forced on him Late Date with Alf was unmissable and his humour , warmth and eclectic music choices made for a wonderful programme. Radio 1 is now so dumbed down that its pathetic And to add insult to injury they bring back Olivia O Leary who retired years ago. RTE need to cop on

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