Second Captains return with internet show

The much anticipated return of the former Newstalk Off The Ball presenters has been announced as a podcast – in partnership with a newspaper.

The Irish Times, which naturally broke the news this morning, will host the show on its website once a week each Tuesday afternoon then make the programme available for downloading.

Second Capitans @ The Irish Times will be a free broadcast with Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early, Ciaran Murphy, Simon Hick and Mark Horgan – previously known as the Off The Ball 5.

“We’re delighted to be teaming up with The Irish Times,” McDevitt told the newspaper.

“Our gardening leave ended a couple of days ago and being in the constant company of four other men has become extremely tiresome. For me getting back to work on Second Captains @ The Irish Times can’t come quick enough as I look forward to getting my relationship with the lads back on a strictly professional footing.”

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