Audio: Homophobic message on Midwest Radio

A listener comment read out on Midwest Radio has caused negative listener reaction on social media and message boards.

Presenter Tommy Marren read out the comment on the same sex marriage topic which claimed “children living with gay people could easily pick up aids”.

The listener named “Jo” demands for society to “stamp out” homosexuality to save children from aids and says we need to remind people of the bizarre sexual lifestyle that gay people lead.

Tommy then thanks the caller for getting in touch.

In response, Blogger Paul Duggan writes: “Quite frankly this one of the most disturbing and shocking things I have ever listened to. The nonchalant way the presenter read this out is disturbing.

“The presenter should have acknowledged that this was not a reasonable opinion to hold and that it has no basis in science.”

Tommy has since apologised, telling gay news service ““An unreserved apology. When one is in the wrong, one should have the courage and conviction to actually state it. On yesterday’s programme I showed unprofessionalism, to say the least by reading out a text from a lady called Jo.

“I understand that a lot of people were hurt and offended by the comments and that I did not exercise due care and consideration in reading out that text.”

Reactions include: “Good God. This is 2014! Seems like the presenter didn’t even bat an eyelid when he got the email” and “The presenter maybe should of pointed out the medical and scientific inaccuracy of that statement at the very least.”

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