Bounty offered to catch the 2018 iRadio thief

iRadio is back in full competition mode with the launch of its latest iRadio thief promotion.

The station has released an official statement about the ‘disruption’ caused by the anonymous thief and offered a ‘bounty/prize’ for the listener who finds him. He’s been taking over the output and causing technical problems.

iRadio is currently setting up the promotion and has posted this ‘official statement’ on its website:

As has been well documented, during the week commencing Monday June 4th iRadio begun experiencing unprecedented technical difficulties.

This disruption was typified by a third-party static interference which repeated the word ‘warning’ over and over, the source of which was unknown.

What was clear though, was that the perpetrator of the disruption had made a clear and deliberate decision to hack into iRadio’s software to disrupt our regular programming, their motives for doing this uncertain.

However, due to recent developments, iRadio can now officially reveal that an unidentified person has made themselves known to the station. After a cryptic caller interrupted programming during the AO Show yesterday morning, the 11th of June

Calling themselves ‘The iRadio Thief,’ the mysterious disrupt-er taunted the breakfast show hosts, as they hijacked the broadcast, promising further disruption in the days and weeks ahead.

‘’Why don’t you get a life,’’ Co-host Oonagh O’Carroll was heard saying to the thief as he laughed menacingly.

There is a strong possibility that the t, in fact, in fact be the same one that caused similar chaos on iRadio many years ago… however, this is yet to be confirmed.

On that occasion, a handsome payment was offered to whoever caught the thief and brought an end to their anarchist behaviour.

And, already a bounty has again been offered to catch the 2018 ‘iRadio thief…’

Outraged at the sheer disregard the thief has shown to iRadio listeners, Kieran O’Malley of An Púcán and 1520 in Galway has taken it upon himself to encourage their speedy capture.

Speaking on the AO Show this morning, Mr. O’Malley has gone on record as saying the two popular Galway venues are offering ”quite a substantial” amount of reward money to ensure the thief is brought to justice.

The exact sum of the prize is not certain…

What is certain though is that until the thief is located, the mayhem is set to continue on the iRadio airwaves.

We would like to take this chance to appeal for public assistance in finding ‘the iRadio Thief ‘ the sooner they are identified, the sooner broadcast can return to normal.

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