Radio Snowflake partners with Irish Kidney Association

Radio Snowflake is getting ready to launch on December 1st for another 26 days, and has picked the Irish Kidney Association as its charity partner.

The online service aims to help raise awareness of the plight of people with organ failure and the importance of organ donation as well as highlighting the support the organisation provides to patients and their families around Ireland.

Amongst the festive music will be testimonials from people expressing their gratitude to their organ donors at Christmas.

Speaking at the launch of Radio Snowflake 2016, Colin White, the National Projects Manager, Irish Kidney Association, said, “We are delighted that the Irish Kidney Association has been chosen as Radio Snowflake’s charity partner this Christmas. As our registered charity actively promotes the gift of life through raising awareness about organ donation, Radio Snowflake’s support is very welcome and its particularly timely at a time of year when families come together to enjoy the festive season. It is an opportunity to take the time to discuss organ donation and let your loved ones know your wishes. It is your next-of-kin who will make the decision in the event of your untimely death so we encourage families to # HAVE THE CHAT.”

Radio Snowflake enjoyed a large following in the 1980s broadcasting on FM and AM. With the emergence of online broadcast platforms, the station resurrected in 2013 under the management of David Baker who is best known in his native Ireland for his nightly shows on Kfm in Kildare and he has also worked for several years on radio in the UK.

Radio Snowflake has supported other worthy causes with The Samaritans chosen as last year’s charity partner. David said, “I’m looking forward to bringing the sound of Christmas back. I believe our style is unique and it’s different. Whilst we will play great favorites that everyone knows, the sound won’t be tacky and predictable and full of Christmas cracker jokes. It’s a station everyone will enjoy and is the perfect mix for Christmas with top quality presenters. We are supporting a fantastic cause in the Irish Kidney Association and we plan to create great awareness about the work it does over the station’s 26 day run. From accounts by the people who work there day to day, to families who have been called for a lifesaving organ transplant, there’ll be some real heart-rending stories to hear. We hope that people will share in our celebration of Christmas by enjoying everything the station has to offer. Join us at Radio Snowflake on December 1st at midday.”

Pictured at the launch of Radio Snowflake 2016 and announcement of its charity partnership which was held at the Irish Kidney Association’s Renal Support Centre, located on the grounds of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin was:- Back row, from left: David Baker, Manager, Radio Snowflake; living kidney donor Clidhna Costello and her husband Terry McElroy from Bray, Co Wicklow with their twins, Donagh and Caoila, who were born in May 2106 just two years after Clidhna donated a kidney to their son Tadhg ( now age 5, pictured front row centre); kidney transplant recipients from deceased donors Harry Ward from Baldoyle, Dublin and Patricia McKenzie from Portmarnock, Dublin; and Colette Fennelly from Bishopstown, Cork whose husband Don underwent a deceased donor kidney transplant in September 2016; Front Row: living kidney donor Conor Dalton from Castleknock, Dublin and his transplant recipient wife Sarah and their baby Annabelle born in August 2016; kidney transplant recipient Tadhg McElroy (age 5) from Bray; and Santa Claus. North Pole.

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  1. Liam Byrne on Facebook says

    What is Radio Snowflake ? I thought the name of the Christmas temp was Christmas FM ?

    1. David Baker says

      Hi Liam. Radio Snowflake is another Christmas station if you’re a fan of Christmas FM I’m sure you’ll be able to listen to them as well

      1. Liam Byrne on Facebook says

        Thanks guys! As long as it’s only for the week or two around the season and not for 4 months beforehand making us sick of it before it’s even close! (Bah humbug!)

    2. Mike Wilsom on Facebook says

      You right snowflake is just on line ! Xmas fm is the big one it ON FM all over Ireland as well as on line

    3. Liam Byrne on Facebook says

      Well – in most of the cities anyway; don’t think it’s all over

  2. Dónal O'Flynn says

    David is a great DJ and the Irish Kidney Association do important work, but it seems a great shame to compete with Christmas FM and by extension their charity partner Focus Ireland.

    Each to their own and all that, but it’s a pity David wouldn’t just row in behind Christmas FM and run some other genre of station at another time of year to support IKA.

  3. DAVID BAKER says

    Hi Donal, This is not competition with Christmas FM what they do is amazing and is on a different scale to Radio Snowflake.

    We are not on FM for starters and the stations sound and output differs greatly.

    There is room for two christmas stations. the charity Focus Ireland is a magnificentr charity and homelessness is a massive issue in Ireland as is the IKA, It’s down to listener choice and I don’t see it as a problem at all.

    Look at the USA there is a christmas radio station in every corner of every town. i do wish Christmas FM all the very best as I do every year. it’s a great product but i’m very proud of what I have as well

    1. Dónal O'Flynn says

      To be honest with you David, though I’ve heard of Radio Snowflake before, I’ve never got around to listening to it. Anything with yourself, Nails Mahoney and Dave Redmond involved is well worth a listen. It just seems wrong to me that in such a small country, two stations, regardless of their broadcast medium, would be playing the same genre of music, at the same time of year and both doing it to raise money for charity.

      I could see merit in for example the idea of your other station Heartbeat raising money for the Irish Heart Foundation around Valentine’s Day or during some campaign they’re running, but to go up against Christmas FM, no matter how much smaller an operation yours is just seems a bit crass to me. That said I wish you well with your endeavours and would love to work with you at some stage in the future.

  4. David Baker says

    I ditched Heartbeat a few years ago in favour of Breeze AM which is now my other station. On the other thanks for your comments

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