Top gambling podcasts you should listen to

The worldwide web has changed our habits in so many ways but perhaps one of the biggest is the way we watch and consume radio and podcasts.

Thanks to the internet, people no longer have to accept the mainstream programmes and instead are turning to other audio entertainment such as podcasts.

According to Podcast Insights, there are over two million podcast shows currently available, with over 48 million episodes, and growing. One of the main reasons for podcasts growing popularity, is because of their ability to fit so seamlessly into our busy lives.

Podcasts have a unique ability to fit around people’s busy days and can be listened to anytime and anywhere. This freedom from rigid broadcasting schedules allows podcasts to be enjoyed whether you’re on a train, in a gym or out for walking.

The success of Gambling Podcasts

One key advantage podcasts have is their ability to cater for a huge variety of interests.

Radio stations only have so much airtime and cannot justify producing programmes on niche topics or subjects that require hours of explanation.

However, one subject area that’s seen substantial growth in recent years is gambling, mirroring the rising popularity of online casinos and gaming sites worldwide. Statistics from the UK Gambling Commission highlight the success of the remote gambling sector, with the market being estimated at £5.7 billion during 2019-2020, a growth of 8.1% from the previous year.

The popularity of gambling continues to grow, thanks in part to smartphones, improved internet access and advances in technology. All of which means gaming is far more accessible and exciting than it has ever been before.

Blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, baccarat and slots are some of the most popular casino games which can now all easily be accessed online. Casino games have grown in popularity since the transition online and the online casino market has seen many operators come and go. Some of the most successful operators have a range of promotional offers to attract new players to their site as well as retain existing ones. These bonuses may include a no deposit sign-up fee or extra gaming credit when depositing a certain amount. As there are many different operators and casino games which all have their own rules, strategies and skillsets it is important that players learn a bit more about them if they want to become successful.

That’s where gambling podcasts come in, offering advice and information to beginners and experienced players alike.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the top gambling podcasts that you should be listening to.

Top Gambling Podcasts

Sports Gambling Podcast Network

This podcast has ten different shows covering a variety of betting topics, mainly around USA sports like college sports, NBA, soccer and UFC. Since it started in 10 years ago, the podcast has aimed to deliver great sports market insights, including fantasy sports tips.

The hosts of the podcasts are Sean Green and Ryan Kramer who have over 50 years of professional betting experience between them.

Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast

This is a show by gamblers for gamblers, full of helpful hints, tips, and tricks to maximize your fun at the casino. There’s advice from gambling authors, knowledgeable casino staff, and of course fellow podcast followers.

Betting dork

The host is Gill Alexander, a professional gambler and mathematician, he is dedicated to teaching advanced Sabermetric analysis to his listeners, including value bets and free picks.

The show also provides a professional overview of the different online sportsbooks, helping you choose the best gambling platforms.

Gambling with an edge

This is a weekly podcast, which broadcasts live from the gambling capital, Las Vegas. Covering a variety of topics, hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin often interview professional gamblers, casino insiders and all important statisticians.

Gambling with an Edge is the podcast for you if you’re looking advice on betting strategies.

Listeners will learn how to make more knowledgeable gambling decisions as well as improve their casino gaming skills.

You can bet on that

If you’re more of a casual gambler then this is the podcast for you, covering everything from classic casino table games, poker and blackjack to sports betting. The hosts are Dr.Mike and Mark DeVol who are experts at explaining the skills and strategies required to play a variety of casino games out there.

The podcast provides listeners with a comprehensive overview of gambling across the U.S.A. with Mark and Mike travelling between two of America’s gambling hot spots Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Bang the book

For more the serious gambling listeners out there, checkout ‘Bang the book’. A former radio show turned podcast that specialises in in-depth analysis of the strategies used by profitable handicappers and renowned statisticians. 

The daily podcast is hosted by Adam Burke, offering insightful discussion of the betting markets for a variety of American sports including NFL and NBA. He also covers the most profitable free picks for that particular day.

Behind the bets

Doug Kezirian is your host for this one, he is well-known as an ESPN gambling analyst. Doug is a sports industry expert and provides the audience of the podcast insights into gambling in Las Vegas. 

All Doug’s guests are leading analysts and professional gamblers, offering unprecedented insight. This podcast is understandably considered by many to be the best around.

Bet the process

If you’re new to gambling then this one may not be for you, but seasoned gamblers should definitely check it out. On their show, hosts Jeff Ma and Rufus Peabody run advanced analysis on lots of different wagers.

Their humour may take some getting used to, but for solid, straightforward, no nonsense advice, this is a must.

Gambling podcasts are for everyone

There are many gambling podcasts out there right now, covering a whole range of different aspects of gaming. From experts giving tutorials on how to play, to interviews with professional gamblers.

Listening to these podcasts will give gamers great insight and advice, improving their abilities and chances of success. But whatever you’re looking for when it comes to your gaming needs, there is sure to be a podcast out there for you.

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